• Find Friend

Click on the “Start Chat” button and get the list of your contact friends who have IDs on the Studyem App.

  • Open Chat

Click on your friend profile button and start the chat to share the match.

  • Create Match

a. Click on the top right corner button to create the match.

b. Fill in the required details such as match name, number of questions, and syllabus.

  • Ready For Match

a. Click on the shared match to start the game with your friend.

b. Click on the “Play Now” Button or if don’t want to play the match then click on “Reject”.

  • Add Question

a. It’s time to add questions in the match to ask your opponent. Click on the “Add Question”.

b. You will get access to your knowledge bank, from these folders you can add questions to your match. A separate video will explain how to add questions to the knowledge bank.

c. Select the questions and click on the top right corner icon.

d. In future updates, you will be able to add questions from any third party’s paid or free question bank.

  • Toss

a. Click on the “Ready to Toss” button to land on the match screen. Please note that the match will start when both players are ready!

  • First Inning, Fire Question

Click on the “Fire Question” button to ask your question to the opponent player, he/she will get the question on his/her screen. In the second inning, the opponent will ask you.

  • Score

As per the rules, you will get negative or positive marks. The defender player’s negative marks will be credited to the challenger player. Now click on “Ok” and wait for or fire the next question.

  • Second Inning

Now first inning defender or second player will ask the question.

  • Result

At the end of the second inning, the will be declared.

  • Match History

You can see the match analyses after end of the match.

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