If you are looking to create paid Zoom/Google Meet/Teams meetings then the Studyem app will help you with that, kindly follow these steps:

Open Chat Section

Enter into the chat section and click on the attachment icon and subsequently card button.

Open Meeting Card

Choose a meeting card and fill the all required details such as heading, description, timing, date, and most important price, and click on the send button.

Why Meeting Heading or Title?

To catch the attention of attendees.

Why Meeting Description?

To share more details about meeting.

Why Meeting Link?

To enable attendees or you to join with popular meeting apps such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Team App.

Why Date and Timing?

To let them know about the timing and date of the meeting so that they can join the meeting without any hindrance.

How to Add Price or Meeting Fee?

Kindly click on rupee icon and enter the price or fee. The attendee has to pay this amount to join the meeting.

Done, Meeting Created Successfully!

Yo, you have filled the all the required details , now, click on the send icon to send the meeting card to attendees.

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