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In free time, play Dream11 content at 0% commission with others.

Join Dream11 Channel

1. Open Studyem App

2. Tap Search Icon

3. Type Dream11 in the Search field.



4. Tap Join Channel Button


Join Contest on Studyem App

1. Tap Deal Icon


2. Accept a Deal or Create a Deal


How to Create Free Private Contest on Dream11

1. Select a match and follow these easy steps below to create a private contest.

2. Tap the ‘Cup’ icon or ‘Contests’ at the bottom of the page

3. Select ‘Create a Contest’ and add the contest name, contest size, contest entry amount zero

4. Once done, tap on ‘Create Contest’ and that’s it!

5. Now, create your team, join the contest, pay the entry fee. Don’t forget to share the contest link in your studyem deal chat


After Completed Match, How to Request and Transfer Money of Your Studyem Contest

Case 1 – Won Your Team in the Dream11 Private contest

Request Money

1. Take dream11 private contest screenshot


2. Send screenshot in studyem deal chat 


3. Tap Money Transfer Button


4. Select your name and tap transfer button


Case 2 – Lost Your Team in the Dream11 Private contest

Transfer Money

1. Tap money transfer button

2. Select opponent name and tap transfer button