Student engagement is multi-faceted, characterized by behavioral, emotional, and cognitive engagement. It is a sense of belonging and participation that is essential for better learning outcomes. Engagement is seen as a disposition towards learning, working with others, and functioning in a social institution, which is expressed in students’ feelings that they belong at a place and in their participation in academic activities.  

Engagement makes a difference in achievement. Researchers have documented the direct relationship between engagement and early achievement. More generally, student engagement is critical in an age that values lifelong learning, active citizenship, and responsibility for self.

One of the major causes of disengagement whether we call it learning or online learning. While some students are thriving with this way of learning, many students don’t seem to be engaging in it. Some students may not be present at all. Others may be in attendance, but they aren’t turning in work or doing more than the bare minimum. So, what’s holding your students back from engaging?

Here are possible barriers to student engagement during learning:

Students’ vs Gaming World – Student lives have changed in the last 20 years. The games from Super Mario to PUBG have changed students’ perceptions, now their psychology demands everything, including education, in a gamified way. But unfortunately, our pedagogy reached only up to animation, still a long way to go for gamified education. 

Students’ vs social media: As we know this digital world has brought everything, including distraction, to your fingertip. When you try to contact your classmate for notes, you end up with some uncle quote or cousin Ladakh Status. And you get disconnected from your actual goal which is study. All these things lead to a loss of 3.5 hours/day/ student.

Students’ vs Stress & Trauma – Students are feeling stressed (79.83%) and bored (69.51%) because of the present education system. Memory-based exams and parents’ pressure create stress and trauma among students. This interrupts cognitive processing, reduces students’ executive functional skills, and disrupts emotional regulation. All that makes it difficult to learn, think and engage meaningfully.

Outdated pedagogy: Only a few teachers have the talent to engage students during teaching. But the majority of teachers lack engaging pedagogy because of a lack of activity-based teaching or lack of relevance in their content or absence of dynamic discussion during class etc. 

Online learning and isolation – After COVID-19, online learning has seen more than 200% growth. Online learning became a habit for several students. But engaging students’ level during online learning is very minimal which leads to poor learning. As per the KPMG survey, learning is lower than in offline classes. Hence there is an urgent need to bring an engaging element to online learning or switch back to offline classes. 

Passive teaching and rewards – For > 40% Of students, the lack of motivation is a real and pressing problem. The performance-based awards in classrooms or any other platforms demotivates average or below-average students. Hence, we need to bring non-performance awards into our education to motivate each and every student. 

We are here to help you bounce back to studies, to engage you in a way that you never thought of or experienced with gamified community app for educators, influencers, and learners at one platform with learning and thinking differences. Although engagement can be increased using the latest technology like AR-VR and the learning models, these become costly and time-consuming when we implement them at a large scale. Studyem has adopted a smart and cheaper approach which is gamification. 

STUDYEM: It is the best platform for teenagers and adult learners and their educators or influencers. It is a gamified monetizable community platform for learners, educators, and influencers.

  • Noval Edu-Gaming: Studyem is developing several games for teenagers and adult learners so that they can enjoy gaming without affecting their learning. 
  • Gamified Learning Community Platform: If you want to uninstall WhatsApp or Facebook or Telegram apps and still want to connect with key people for your studies or teaching then Studyem is the best platform for you. It full fills all your education and social media needs. 
  • Relieve Stress: Educators need to change their student evaluation methods; exams should be a fun-based activity. Studyem has developed a Knowledge Match or Game for educators by which they can assess their learners in a gamified way. 
  • Gamified Pedagogy: To improve the learning, more than double then educators must bring gamification to their pedagogy. Studyem has developed a gamified learning or teaching environment where educators and influencers can increase engagement multiple times with their followers. You can link your live video with simple educational games for your viewers. 
  • Edufantasy Game: To solve the problem of motivation, fame, and money Studyem parent company Timemarks Examiner Pvt Ltd will launch a fantasy game so that people can win non-performance awards by just watching a quiz show or knowledge match. This knowledge match can be played anywhere like classrooms, libraries, offices, YouTube channels, etc. 

STUDYEM is bringing unprecedent changes in education through its innovative simple games. It is pioneering the gamified education so that engagement can be maximized with low cost. 

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